Powder Blue Isopod Care

Powder Blue Isopod Care

The powder blue isopod is a fast producing and easy to care for isopod species. These guys are great for beginners and can with stand some user error for the people just starting on their isopod journey. today we will be going over how to create the perfect conditions to keep your powder blue isopod colony happy and thriving!

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[Example of powder blue isopod] 



The Enclosure 

For the enclosure for your isopod colony you will want some thing that can retain humidity well. We find that using a plastic tub gives the best results. you'll be able to drill into it providing extra ventilation when needed, depending on the isopod species your keeping and your home environment. 

Powder blue isopod tub I think I only got 1 isopod in the original culture  because I saw only one when I dumped them in and regularly only see a  single isopod

[Example of isopod enclosure] 


The fundamentals you will need for your isopod enclosure are going to be a tropical style substrate that can retain humidity, a good layer of leaf litter and decaying you wood. On top of the diet you'll feed your isopod they will also eat the leaves and wood as well. 




One of the reasons why we love powder blue isopods is their tolerance of temps and humidity. The general guide for temps for your isopod will be around the 70-80 range with a humidity level of 60%-80%. 


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On top of the leaf litter and decaying wood you'll be providing your isopods, they will also need a protein source and vegetable source. You can feed a variety of fruits and vegetable to your isopods, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid spicy/citrus foods. for protein we like using dried fish and shrimp. Dirty daddy has a great product selection of isopods to choose from that we currently use for all of our colonies. They will also need a source of calcium to thrive. We put a cuttle fish bone in each enclosure and have eggs from our crested gecko projects that hatch out. 


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 [Example of a powder blue isopod] 



This is a great isopod species for the beginner all the way to the isopod master keeper. Fast growing, fast breeding and easy to care for it is no wonder why these guys are so popular.  you can pick up your own powder blue isopods by going to our store! 




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