WHY CHOOSE DBCB EXOTICS? Our goal is to provide you with the best quality reptile and create captive bred availability for reptile species that need it


Project Jungle

What is project jungle? Project jungle is an idea I had in 2023 to turn my entire collection of over 150 reptiles into bioactive planted vivariums. After building out many bioactive enclosures i wanted to bring affordable and reptile safe bioactive products to my customers so they would be a able to give the best homes they can for the animals that i produce.


At Dakotah Blue Exotics we want to show the world that you can give your animals the home they deserve while still making a successful reptile business. Instead of rack systems and sterile bins, our goal is to give each and every one of our animals bioactive planted vivariums.

Our Breeding Projects

At Dakotah Blue Exotics we work with a variety of geckos including tokay, cave, standings day, leachie, chahoua, gargoyle and crested geckos. Our Goal is to produce the highest quality animal that we work with and help establish captive populations in other projects that need it!