What Makes A Bioactive Enclosure?

What Makes A Bioactive Enclosure?


Bioactive enclosures in a nutshell are self sustaining ecosystems that you create inside your reptiles enclosure. To achieve a bioactive enclosure, there are a few steps you must do to get your bioactive set up ready and the ecosystem you are creating thriving! 


[18x18x24 Bioactive Set Up] 

The bioactive enclosure is made up of 3 different parts. The clean up crew, The plants & the animal. These 3 things work in harmony with one another to complete the cycle that we mentioned earlier. In this post we will be discussing these 3 topics and how how they work with each other to create a bioacitve enclosure. 



[Dairy Cow Isopods] 

The clean up crew or "CUC" are organisms that live in your soil to help break down decaying materials to create nutrients in the soil. What material these organisms will break down is dependent on what species you are putting in your enclosure. Personally the two biggest species we recommend when building a bioacitve set up are going to be springtails and isopods. Springtails will help clear out mold and other unwanted fungus. While isopods will be taking care of any dead feeders that you're reptile did not eat and even well, your reptiles poop. That's right! No more cleaning reptile poop!! After giving your enclosure time to establish, you will need to do little to no poop cleaning, depending on the species of reptile you keep. 



[Our Plant Kit] 

Now that we have all those nutrients in the soil, its time to get to the next stage in the bioactive enclosure system and that is going to be the plants. The plants you put in your bioactive enclosure will absorb nutrients and water in your soil. This will keep your soil nice and healthy. While there is some debate on weather plants are needed to make a bioactive active enclosure, we believe to get that complete life cycle in your enclosure plants will be needed to make that happen.  




[Leachie Geckos] 

Now lets talk about the final part of a bioactive enclosure, the reptile. Your Reptile plays a big role in creating this complete ecosystem. As we mentioned earlier, your clean up crew will eat your reptiles waste and unneatened deceased feeder insects to create nutrients in your soil that your plants need to thrive. As your plants absorb those nutrients, helping to keep the soil healthy. They will grow and create enrichment for your reptile to utilize. Everything plays a roll inside your enclosure that ultimately creates a beautiful set up. 




[12x12x18 Bioactive Enclosure] 

When it comes to bioactive enclosures, there is no one stage that is more important then the other. Rather each stage benefits the other to create a complete ecosystem that we call the bioactive enclosure. 

[YouTube Video On How To Build A Bioactive Enclosure]



For more information on bioactive enclosures, check out our YouTube channel and if you are interested in creating a bioactive set up for yourself check out our store section where we carry every bioactive product you will need to build your very own bioactive enclosure. 


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